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LM Vertical Grinding Mill

Under the situation that the technical advantages of LM vertical grinding mill products are increasingly prominent, we have actively absorbed the successful experience of foreign countries, and through the continuous technological innovation and upgrading of the R&D team, we have successively launched vertical mill products with independent intellectual property rights.

Product Features: Integration of multiple functions, more stable and reliable production and more excellent capacity
  • Input Size: 0-70mm
  • Capacity: 3-340TPH
  • Material: Limestone, calcite, dolomite, petroleum coal, gypsum, barite, marble, talc, coal powder, etc.

LM Vertical Grinding Mill working principle

The motor drives the grinding disc to rotate through the reducer, and the material falls from the feeding port to the grinding disc through the lock air feeder, and the hot air enters the grinding machine from the air inlet. With the rotation of the grinding disc, the material moves to the edge of the grinding disc under the action of centrifugal force. When passing through the annular groove on the grinding disc, it is crushed by the grinding roller, and the crushed material is brought up by the high-speed airflow of the wind ring at the edge of the grinding disc. The particles fall directly onto the grinding disc and re-grind. When the material in the airflow passes through the upper separator, under the action of the rotating rotor, the coarse powder falls from the cone to the grinding disc to be re-grinded, and the qualified fine powder is ground together with the airflow. The dust device collects, that is, the product, the moisture-containing material is dried during the contact with the hot air flow, and the hot air temperature can be adjusted to meet the requirements of different humidity materials to achieve the required product moisture. By adjusting the separator, the thickness required for different products can be achieved.

Performance Characteristics

  • High quality finished product

    The purity of the finished product is high: the roller sleeve and the lining plate are not in direct contact, and the limited position device has very little iron content in the product, and the mechanical wear iron contained therein is easily removed, and the whiteness of the product is used when grinding white or transparent materials. High purity.

  • High precision of powder selection

    According to the different particle requirements of the finished product, the powder sorting machine adopts two kinds of cage type powder sorting machine (high efficiency dynamic static classifier) and cone rotor classifier (high efficiency dynamic classifier) to improve the precision.

  • Easier to operate, intelligent control

    The LM system is equipped with a PLC/DCS automatic control system for remote control and easy operation.

  • High milling efficiency and high output.

    Different types of products meet the customer's demand for different materials, and the output is larger and more efficient than traditional mills.

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